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Chimes Junior Honor Society for women was founded in 1918 at Ohio State University. In 1948, when Chimes became a national organization, the WVU women’s honorary Rhododendron became affiliated with the national organization of Chimes. Although the national organization later disbanded, some chapters (including WVU’s) decided to retain the name and symbols of Chimes. Chimes opened to male membership in 1977.

“Members give their service and leadership to the advancement of university interests, welfare, and unity. They stimulate scholarship and sponsor cultural trips and discussions with guest speakers.” (From the 1967 Monticola)

President: Eva MacFarland
Vice President: Jordan Nistendirk
Secretary: Hannah Smith
Treasurer: Jeremiah Werhoff
Historian: June Spence
Community Service Chair: Kate Dye
Social Chair: Raven Powers

2018-2019 Members
Amanda Marshall, Bradley McKinney, Regan Sands, Raven Powers, Catherine Steck, Dana Pfeiffer, Brandon Womble, Natalie Sage, Crystal Kuglar, Alex Glover, Marissa Teodoro, Sophia Keith, Kathryn Komorous, Megan Russell, Taylor Thompson, Cheyenne Unis, Stephanie Pennacchio, Katherine Barbarossa, Emily Zekonis, Madalyn DiGuilian, Mikalaa Martin, Arlie Dolly, Eva MacFarland, Hannah Smith, Madison Hinkle, Nicholas Muha, Stephanie Weber, Blaise Robson, Jordan Nistendirk, June-Celeste Spence, Kayla Harmon, Ian McCoy, Shelbe West, Jeremiah Werhoff, Emily Hines, Alika Lopatka, Emilea Warnick, Samuel Trapuzzano, Elizabeth Satterfield, Olivia Darby, Maria Ducci, Nicholas Koenig, Victoria Knotts, Bailey Filben, Marlee Dinterman, Kayley Morrow, Samantha Park, Pimsiree Siridulyawath, Madeline Walker, Jenna Jacobs, Kadra Tedrick, Holly Palmer, Kalyn McCray, Tiffany Bellissimo, Abigail Boguslawski, Morgan Simpson, Katherine Dye, Sophia Deignan, Rachael Dodaro

Membership Information

Minimum Requirements for Chimes:

  • 3.3 Cumulative GPA
  • 59-88 hours by the end of the Spring semester when you apply

Please Note: Only college credit earned after graduation from high school will be considered in calculating these hours; transfer credit earned after high school will also count. In addition, applications must show strong performance in academics, campus activities, leadership, community service, and contributions to your field of study.

Applications are due on Friday, March 6, 2020 at 5:00 pm. If you have any questions regarding the Chimes Applications, please contact us at with the subject line: “Application Question.”

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