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Timeline For Graduate School

Please note that this is a general timeline and you should follow-up with professors concerning what is specific to your own field.

Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Years

Summer Before Senior Year

Begin studying for the GRE or the necessary entrance exam for graduate school. You may need to take your exam in the summer. Some entrance exams are only offered a few times a year. Make sure you know when yours is offered and give yourself enough time to take it at least twice before your application deadline.

Explore and research graduate programs, looking specifically at:

Fall of Senior Year

Note: Application deadlines will be posted on the school’s website. Most will be between January and March. The earlier you apply, the better! Many programs will have “rolling admission” which means that students are accepted as their applications come in (rather than waiting until all applications are submitted and then selected accepted students). Also, assistantships and scholarships typically get offered to students early in the application period. Apply as soon as you are ready!

Spring of Senior Year

Once you have your answers, weigh your options and choose the right school for you! You will also likely need to fill out the FAFSA form. Be patient and wait to hear from the schools (usually early to mid spring)