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Hertz Fellowship

Program Information

The Hertz Foundation is an organization that awards fellowships to Ph.D. students in the applied physical, biological, and engineering sciences. It is considered one of the most competitive and prestigious graduate fellowships in science and engineering.


To be eligible for a Hertz Fellowship you must be:

  • A college senior or first-year graduate student of the applied physical, biological, and engineering sciences
  • Applying to or working towards a Ph.D. degree in an applied physical science (e.g., aeronautics, applied mathematics, applied physics, materials science, etc.)
  • Pursuing graduate study at one of the participating institutions
  • Willing to morally commit to make your skills available to the U.S. in time of national emergency
  • A U.S. citizen or a permanent resident

Award Information

The Hertz Graduate Fellowship consists of a cost-of-education allowance and a personal-support stipend. Students who receive the Hertz Fellowship receive a $34,000 personal stipend and full tuition equivalent, which is renewable annually for up to 5 years.

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