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Sample plan and timeline

Ideally, students will apply in their freshman or sophomore years, but juniors may be able to still complete the requirements, as long as they have at least 3 semesters remaining at WVU.

Sample timeline:

(note that this is only one example of a possible timeline)

·      Spring freshman year: attend info session and apply for PCPP. Meet with PCPP staff to        develop plan.

·      Fall sophomore year: take a core intercultural competence course and one sector course

·      Spring sophomore year: take an elective intercultural competence course, one sector course,        and LDR 201

·      Fall junior year: study abroad (or, take an elective intercultural competence course and one        sector course)

·      Spring junior year: begin volunteer or professional experience in sector (and continue through        summer); complete 75 hours

·      Fall senior year: complete remaining Leadership Development requirements

·      Spring senior year: meet with PCPP staff to explain your leadership project and complete exit        check-list for final certification. Apply for Peace Corps!